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Pokemon Visual Guide

Pokemon Visual Guide

I'd like to share with you this great book entitled Pokemon Visual Guide. The author is Katherine Fang / Cris Silvestri and it is published by Brady Games. This went on sale sometime in December of 2008. The child's book is 160 pages long. It's 0.6"H x 11.9"L x 10"W and weighs around 2.35 lbs.

Brady Games

Model: FBA-|290997
ISBN: 0756644305
Author: Katherine Fang / Cris Silvestri

Pokemon: The Visual Guide might be the vital companion to the animated planet of Pokemon. For the first time, this book has collected the entirety of the Pokemon knowledge. Get to know Ash and his travel companions. Discover the characters, battles, and important places. Trace Ash s journey by signifies of the regions with Ken Sugimori art. Learn the strong life lessons Pokemon teaches Take a unique appear at Team Rocket. Featuring plot and stills from all ten movies such as The Rise of Darkrai along with each and every season from the television animated series, rare Ken Sugimori Art, a breakdown of every single gym badge and contest ribbon, along with every single day in the creation of Pokemon: DP Battle Dimension, the Ulitmate Guide could be the requisite Pokedex for each Pokemon fan. Merchandise and collectibles. From Ash to Team Rocket, from Kanto to Pokemon s effect in our world, we catch it all.


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