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Pokemon Johto Chapter Book #2: The Battle For Sunnyshore Tower

Pokemon Johto Chapter Book 2 The Battle

"Ash is determined to win his eighth Gym badge at the Sunyshore Gym. Volkner, the Gym Leader, has lost interest in battling, but he changes his mind when he sees Ash's moves. Just as the battle begins, the lights go out! Turns out Team Rocket has hijacked the Sunyshore Tower, which provides electricity to the entire city. Ash and Volkner know they've got to stop Jessie, James, and Meowth. But can the two rival Trainers generate enough spark to make Team Rocket blast off for good?"
Permit me to share with you this great child's book called PokeĢmon Dp Sinnoh League Victors. The author is Scholastic and it was published on the 1st of March, 2011 by Scholastic Paperbacks. In case you are inside the library you can quite likely look it up using the Dewey Decimal number, MLCS 2012/42635 (P). The book has 96 pages and it has pictures.

Scholastic Paperbacks

MPN: FBA-|319681
ISBN: 0545284368
Author: Scholastic

Gotta read 'em all! Handbooks, sticker books, produce and trace, readers, and far more. This book will be depending on an exciting, all-new episode arc with the TV show. Scholastic's publishing strategy is geared to appeal to Poké mon fans of all ages. There'll be Pokemon competitions and battles like never before! Ash and his Pokemon are on an all-new adventure. Some old buddies from the Johto Region are joining Ash and his buddies in Sinnoh.


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