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Pokemon Graphic Novel Vol. 3: Electric Pikachu Boogaloo (pokemon) (pokemon (viz Paperback))

Pokemon Graphic Novel Vol 3 Electric

Do you want to order a book? Pokemon Graphic Novel Vol. 3: Electric Pikachu Boogaloo (pokemon) (pokemon (viz Paperback)) by Toshihiro Ono a great book. Written by Toshihiro Ono and it was published on the 5th of April, 2000 by VIZ Media LLC. The book is 168 pages long, select the hyperlink below.


UPS: 782009058434
ISBN: 1569314365
Author: Toshihiro Ono

Pikkkaaaa!"Boogaloo"follows 10-year-old Ash Ketchum and his first, best, and cutest Poké mon partner, Pikachu, through all sorts of adventures, from attempting to track down a mysterious seed Poké mon guardian spirit atop the Venusaur Tree to investigating whether or not Clefairy really come from outer space. (The book comes with 4 perforated, pull-out pin-ups. The action reaches its peak when Ash qualifies for the Poké mon League in"Days of Gloom and Glory"and after that takes on his friend and rival Richie inside the high-stakes Indigo Finals. As additional testament to the international domination of Poké mon, Electric Pikachu Boogaloo collects the contents of 4 Poké -comic books initially released in late '99, all according to episodes from the enormously effective TV series.) --Paul Hughes The dastardly misfits of Team Rocket, of course, keep things interesting along the way.


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