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Pok é Mon: The Rise Of Darkrai (pokemon (viz Paperback))

Pok 233 Mon The Rise Of Darkrai

Your children will love Pok é Mon: The Rise Of Darkrai. Written by Ryo Takamisaki and it was published sometime in 2008 by VIZ Media LLC. The child's book is 192 pages long. The book dimensions are 7.09" Height x 0.67" Length x 5.12" Width and weighs approximately 0.61 lbs. For more information about this book, check out the button on this site.


MPN: GKW39036
ISBN: 1421522896
Author: Ryo Takamisaki
Package Quantity: 1

• Based on the movie Poké mon Movie 10: Dialga vs. Darkrai, which came out in Japan in July 2007. Palkia vs. The film performed well, grossing more than $10 million in its opening week.

• Poké mon Movie 10: Dialga vs. Darkrai is tentatively scheduled for its U. S. theatrical release in June 2008. Palkia vs.

The manga tie in to Poké mon Movie 10: Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai.

On their method to participate inside the subsequent Poké mon contest, Ash, Brock, and Dawn come to Á lamos Town, identified for its beautiful gardens also as the impressive Space-time Tower, built by the famous architect Gowdy. Will Ash and his friends be capable of save Á lamos Town? After mysterious swathes of destruction begin to seem and an ominous fog envelops the town, preventing the folks from leaving, Tonio, Gowdy's grandson recognizes these phenomena as having been predictions in his grandfather's diaryÉ predictions that the integrity of space and time are under threat from a battle between the legendary Poké mon Diagla and Darkrai.


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