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Pok é Mon: Diamond And Pearl Adventure !, Vol. 6

Pok 233 Mon Diamond And Pearl Adventure

The author is Shigekatsu Ihara and it was published around March of 2010 by VIZ Media LLC. The child's book is 192 pages long. We want you to get the best price and service when selecting a children's book. Please, click on the shopping cart link.


ISBN: 1421531704
Author: Shigekatsu Ihara

R to L (Japanese Style ). Raised in the wild by Poké mon, he can climb as high as an Aipcom, swim as fast as a Magik Most kids invest their days at school, but not Hareta. New friends, new lands, and all-new Poké mon-the subsequent chapter of one of many greatest adventures!

Hareta and Koya fight! And then they fight in the tournament to establish the best trainer in Sinnoh! his briefcase? ! Who is that mysterious man in the stands cheering Hareta on? And why is Koya talking to. Which of Hareta's Poké mon will evolve for the duration of the heated battle?


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