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Pok é Mon Black And White, Vol. 11

Pok 233 Mon Black And White

You need to read a copy of Pok é Mon Black And White, Vol. 11 an excellent book. Written by Hidenori Kusaka and it was published on the 6th of August, 2013 by VIZ Media LLC. The children's book is 96 pages long. For more information on this children's book, check out the market add to cart button below.


ISBN: 1421558955
Author: Hidenori Kusaka

Meet Poké mon Trainers Black and White! Now he embarks on a journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Poké dex for Professor Juniper. Together, Black and White continue on their journey. What surprising new Poké mon— and people— will they meet subsequent? ! His entire life, Black has dreamed of winning the Poké mon League! White has an exciting career as the Trainer of a talented troupe of performing Poké mon. She dreams of making her Tepig Gigi a star!

Team Plasma launches an all-out attack on the Nacrene Museum to steal the mysterious Dark Stone and summon the powerful Legendary Poké mon Zekrom! Who will prevail? ! Opposing them is the complete might of the Unova Gym Leaders— plus lowly Trainer Black.


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